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Virtually everything you ever want to know is now available on your smart phone.

Those of us over 50 who did not grow up in the digital age, may find it difficult, or even impossible, to imagine the magnitude of information and knowledge that is available today.

When I was in seminary in the late 50's I worked nights at a company in Louisville running inventory control reports incorporating the sales and production of the previous day for thousands of parts manufactured by a company by the name of Tube Turns on a Remington Rand mechanical accounting machine. While I was working for the company they purchased and installed one of the first generation computers, a Univac 1. They had to build a 400 s.f. room to house the computer and only authorized personnel were allowed to enter this room.

Today we carry around in our pocket or purse a small device that not only serves as our telephone but has far more capacity to store and access information than that early Univac computer. As a matter of fact with Siri or Ask Google, all we have to do is ask and our smart phone looks up the information and shares it with us.

One of the problems that we as seniors face is the challenge of learning how to use all of the new tools that are now available. Younger generations have been living with the new technology for most of their lives and would be lost in the world we grew up in. If you ask them if they are familiar with the Dewey Decimal System or have ever searched for information in the card catalog in the library you might well draw a complete blank.

Another challenge is the sheer volume of information available that creates information overload. And this is compounded by the lack of tools to separate valid information from bogus or misleading information. Worse yet is the deliberate confusion created by individuals who deliberately seek to scam us with bogus information for the purpose of stealing our identity or our assets.

The lefthand column below includes links to many of the most comprehensive and relevant internet sources regarding the issues confroting seniors today.

The left hand column includes links to websites, articles, and books. The right hand column includes information about organizations, businesses, and professionals who offer special services tailored to the needs of seniors.

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